Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Epic Quest Coming Soon: The L.A. Odyssey Project

From the Library Foundation's Fifth & Flower blog:

"Almost every reader has some kinship with the archetypal characters and situations thatThe Odyssey represents, and this October, the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Public Library invite readers across the city to rethink one of literature’s classic and heroic stories: The Odyssey. Throughout the month, the Foundation and Library will present The L.A. Odyssey Project, a month-long city-wide quest to consider what Homer’s epic tale of adventure and endurance means to Los Angeles readers today.

In honor of the oral tradition that allowed Homer to capture the story in writing, the project will culminate on Saturday, October 25 with a seven-hour marathon recitation of the poemby the public at the Central Library."

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