Sunday, February 24, 2013

And the Oscar Goes to....

After much deliberation in this very difficult race, I am proud to announce that this year's JCL tshirt design is....

We'll order this shirt this week, and we should have plenty of time before the convention to show them off around campus.  Thanks to all of you for your input and passion for JCL fashion!

One other item of business:  in addition to the convention activities mentioned in the previous post, we'd like to remind you all that your Latin projects (including your Latin IB videos!) may be submitted for the Art Competitions detailed in the "White Booklet" (cf. pp. 24-25).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Convention Activities

It’s time to start thinking about what contests and activities you might want to participate in at the convention, beside the required Academic Tests.  For detailed information on all the contests and activities on offer, look here at the convention site.

If you want to organize a team for any of the following chapter contests, please let us know ASAP, because we need to pre-register:  Chariot, Catapult, Battle of the Bands, Team Gladiator Combat, Basketball, Dodgeball, Quidditch, Giant Jenga Jeopardy 

We encourage you all to sign up for contests/activities. Participating in them should make convention more fun.  Here are some you might want to consider:
  • Aeneid/Catullus Recitation (HS-Adv only)  For this contest, you memorize a passage of Latin and recite it for the judges. One of the Aeneid passages is arma virumque cano. The Catullus passage is Catullus 5 (vivamus mea Lesbia atque amemus). 
  • Latin Oratory  Memorize a passage of Cicero and recite it for the judges. Show off your public speaking skills. 
  • Roman Rant (English Oratory)  Compose a three-minute speech in English on any Roman-related topic or one that is connected to one of the convention themes. The speech does not have to be memorized. 
  • Latin Sight Reading  Recite a given passage of Latin, showing off your immaculate Latin pronunciation. You do not have to prepare anything beforehand for this contest. 

All the passages for the Academic Contests are available here on the convention website, and more information about the Art, Music and Sports contests can be found here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Convention Announcement

Straight from the organizers of the convention themselves:

"This year at State Convention we have many new and exciting things. We have members of a Roman Legion that will be there all day Saturday, giant jeopardy jenga, the 12 Labors of Hercules scavenger hunt, the Herculean Obstacle Course, and the assemblies have been spiced upped with drama, death, and the JCL creed and song have been put to the tunes of songs we all know and love. We also have Certamen, Catapults, Chariots, Latin Sight Readings, and the rest of the classics. The closing banquet will be amazing, with casino games, glow in the dark ping pong, and magician Lou Serrano, who has performed at Magic Castle. Here is the link to our website for more information,, or feel free to contact us back at We hope to see you at the Convention on March 15th and 16th."

We expect this convention to be one of the best and most "Caesarlicious", and there's now less than a week to sign up.  Do it now!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sign up for the 2013 CJCL Convention!

Convention, affectionately know as "Latin Retreat", is almost here and will take place on the Ides of March this spring (March 15-16) at the Sage Hill School in Newport Coast!  We must register by next Tuesday, 2/19, which means that all forms and waivers must be completed by then.  Read through the convention letter and contact us with any questions about the trip.
To reserve a space on the trip, please be sure to complete the following steps:
  1. Submit your convention information using the trip registration form.  Let us know your tshirt size, roommate preference, etc.  You'll need to login using your HW name/password.
  2. Be sure to sign the student waiver on HW student portal, and have your parents sign the parent waiver too.  You cannot come on the trip without signatures on these two forms!
  3. Finally, be sure to complete the CJCL Delegate Registration form and the two-sided Medical Information and Waiver form.  Be sure to sign up for at least one academic test, and include any other activities you'd like to participate in.  Your choices are not binding, however.  Also consider submitting old Latin projects (e.g. houses, games, coins, vases, etc.) for select competitions.  These two forms must be turned in no later than Tuesday, 2/19.  
For more information about the convention in general, cf. the Sage Hill School's convention page, which includes detailed information about convention events.  We hope you can join us!

N.B.:  Financial aid is available for this trip.  Contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions.